Artist : Mc Sai (United Kingdom)

MC SAI, a unique and talented young British Asian rap artist, has expressed his talents to the world by writing his own lyrics and performing them in an extraordinary manner to the society. MC SAI was born on the 22nd of June, 1991 in Jaffna. He lived there till the age of three and then lived in Germany for a further four years later moved to England in 1999 where he is currently living. MC SAI had special interest in Music from a very young age. In his teenage years later developing an intrest into raps and Hip Hop music. As his interest in music developed, this helped him realise his own talents embedded inside him. This was the motivation for him to write his own lyrics and rap them at the age of only fifteen. It all started of with changing lyrics of already released cinema tracks. This skill enabled MC SAI to make his own patriotic tracks supported by Mr Vijay who encouraged him all the way. He performed one of these tracks on stage; this is where he got introduced to Santhors who was amazed by MC SAI’S professional stunning talents at a very young age and invited him to his studio. This led to MC SAI making an album with Santhors. MC SAI’S debut track was ‘Believe’ on the production of Santhors. This track had great response from the public and also gained a lot of praise and encouragement from other top artists. MC SAI is one of the few and only artists who started rapping in order to tell the story of his home country to the teenagers of Europe, who are unaware of the suffering back home. He also is one of the few artist to rap at the age of 16. We hope to see more things from this youngster who surely has a bright future ahead of him



Canada2UK – Falling Hard Re-mix – Lady Pista ft Mc Sai